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About Pedini Cabinets

For the past 56 years, Pedini has produced luxury modern kitchen cabinets known for the range and use of high quality materials. To meet the high demands of the design industry, Pedini is committed to researching and developing new finishes and concepts to ensure that they remain at the front of the industry.

Pedini’s modern and sleek designs offer completely customizable cabinetry that allow for maximum creativity. The company offers bespoke (custom) color service, which allows clients to submit a sample of the desired color and for the lacquering to be matched precisely.

Aside from looking great, Pedini is also environmentally friendly. Pedini uses only the finest of materials that are created out of 100% post consumption recycled wood, and have the lowest level of formaldehyde within the industry. With this high quality of materials, there is a standard 7 year (2+5) warranty so you can be assured that your remodel is made to withstand the daily wears.

Our design team is dedicated to creating the best possible design concept that maximizes the functionality and accessibility of your remodel project.

Unique factors:

• Pedini is a trend setter in the modern kitchen cabinets industry – the designs are always unique and fresh and are sure to become a classic and to get copied by many other producers.

• Flexibility: Different ranges can be combined to create an utterly unique kitchen. If the client requires a unit outside of the standard modular elements the company will offer a ‘made to fit’ service.

• Pedini offers bespoke (custom) color service – clients are asked to provide a sample of the required color and lacquering can be precisely matched to the sample.

• Eco-credentials: Pedini uses 100% post consumption, recycled wood and eco friendly materials. The product has the absolute lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry.

• Aftercare: Pedini provides manuals and cleaning kits for clients to ensure the kitchen is maintained throughout its lifespan and any specialist materials are looked after properly.

• 7 year warranty as standard (2+5).

• Ergonomics are priority for Pedini designers, sliding tables, suspended base units and other integrated features ensure that Pedini products meet the demands of a modern kitchen.

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